Saab Club Meeting in Northern Finland

The Saab Club Of Finland had a meeting at Sotkamo, in Northern Finland. I decided to visit Tikkis in Lappeenranta on the way, and we drove to Sotkamo together. The highlight of the meeting was a visit to the Talvivaara mine. Some pretty big machines over there…

Also – I found a few detail items for the ’78 Turbo: New micro switch and cold start valve, brake pads and installation kit, some nuts and bolts, new trunk light. And also I found the spare parts book with the T78 I have been missing. So, a good trip.

On the downside – now that I have the spare parts book I can see all the hard to find parts that I still need… 😀

A few pictures:

Visiting the Talvivaara mine:

Going through his spare parts Tikkis found a nice little detail piece for the 1978 Turbo – the original emblem. And also a few old magazines featuring the Turbo.

Very hard to find - Saab 99 Turbo 1978 grille emblem
Very hard to find – Saab 99 Turbo 1978 grille emblem
Saab 99 Turbo related magazine articles
Saab 99 Turbo related magazine articles
My route - a total of little over 1500 km.
My route – a total of little over 1500 km.

Saab Club Finland Winter Meet

The Saab Club winter event was today. Unfortunately Tikkis didn’t bring the rallycross V4 because of the foul weather, so I didn’t shoot any video. But here’s a few photos.

Saab Club Finland Swap Meet 2013

The annual Saab Club Of Finland Swap Meet was held yesterday in Forssa, Finland.

I threw some stuff from my carage in the trunk of The 9-3t and headed for the event. There were some nice cars. I sold a some stuff and used the money to buy something else for the projects – time well spent!

Some photos:

And just to remind: bullnose-saab-garage

I still have some ”Bullnose Saab Garage” T-shirts left.

Get one if you are interested.


Saab-Club Of Finland track day with Simo Lampinen – video

The Saab-Club Of Finland organized the customary end-of-summer track day at Ahvenisto Race Circuit in Hämeenlinna today.

There were some rally legends present, such as Simo Lampinen, Jyrki Ahava, Juhani Markkanen, Eikka Malm and Antti Mäkeläinen. Simo drove a two-stroke Saab Monte-Carlo and a Saab 96 V4 hill climb / rallycross car.

The second half of the clip is some in-car footage of Simo driving the rallycross V4. The rallycross car was prepared as a special 70th birthday treat for Simo by Eikka Malm and Antti Mäkeläinen (both former Saab rally mechanics).

Saab Club driving season opened once again

Yesterday we had the Old And Classic Saab Meet at Hyvinkää.

I and a fellow two-stroke saabisti Vesa participated. I took the white ’64 and Vesa brought his very original condition 1961 Saab 95.

Last weekend I had to replace the complete fuel system for my stroker (including the fuel tank and fuel pump). I’ll write a complete post on that a bit later.

Here’s some photos and stuff from the Saab Club event:

Getting there and back

A few of my favourites from the main event:

The meeting actually had a bit of a theme – Saab rally cars:

And here’s some more pictures from the event in no particular order: