Pasi Koskinen's Saab Sport historic series rally car.

Saab Club driving season opened once again

Yesterday we had the Old And Classic Saab Meet at Hyvinkää.

I and a fellow two-stroke saabisti Vesa participated. I took the white ’64 and Vesa brought his very original condition 1961 Saab 95.

Last weekend I had to replace the complete fuel system for my stroker (including the fuel tank and fuel pump). I’ll write a complete post on that a bit later.

Here’s some photos and stuff from the Saab Club event:

Getting there and back

A few of my favourites from the main event:

The meeting actually had a bit of a theme – Saab rally cars:

And here’s some more pictures from the event in no particular order:

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  1. how can i get in contact with vesa pohjalainen for parts v4 96 tried all the sites and phone 0400 637092 need a front grill saab badge with plane logo

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