For sale – Saab promotional postcards and photos

I was going through a few storage boxes at home and found a bunch of Saab promo postcards and photos. If anyones interested the price is 3 € per card + postage. The cards are a little larger than the standard postcard size.

Send me an email if interested:

And some other stuff also for sale (Finnish Saab stuff):


Saab Myynti- ja huoltopisteet / kartta, muistaakseni 1975(?).  [SOLD / MYYTY]


Saab 96 L Super 1977 B – hanskalokerokirjan täydennysosa.  [SOLD / MYYTY]


96 V4 hanskalokerokansio. Hieman tarrasta jäänyt tahraa kanteen, mutta lähtenee helposti.  [SOLD / MYYTY]

Turbogeeniesite, 5 €, sis. postikulut


På Svenska! 96GL/95GL esite 1978. 15 € sis postikulut.


Myydään lehtiä. For Sale – magazines.

Both Finnish and international magazines and brochures offered for sale. Make me an offer!

Sekä kotimaisia, että ulkolaisia. Tarjoahan jotain!


Suomenkieliset lehdet ja esitteet / Finnish magazines and brochures:

Myydään Saab-esitteitä ja AJA-lehtiä (in Finnish only)

Myydään esitteet ja lehdet. Yhteydet:


Hinnat sisältävät kotimaan postituksen. Esitteet ovat hyväkuntosia ja siistejä – poislukien ne, joiden kohdalla on muuta ilmoitettu. Ilmoitetut koot “noin”-kokoja, pientä vaihtelua näissä on.


Aja-lehtien kunto on normaali lukukunto tai parempi (ei repeämiä, ei sotkuja), ellei erikseen ole mainittua, että se on viallinen. Vialliseksi mainituissa mapitusreiät. Postituskulut lisätään.

Ja mainitaanpa vielä, että Bullnose Saab -paitojakin on vielä muutama varastossa hajakokoja. 30 € sis postikulut.


Bullnose SAAB Garage T-Shirts for sale


I designed and had this one made for myself, but after I posted it on Facebook half a dosen Saab-guys have already stated they want one. So I decided to offer them for sale at least for a while.

As this is Finland nothing comes cheap – the price is 25 € + postage (standard dark grey T with two color foil printing). Sizes (scandinavian) S to XXXL.
Typical postage fees: Finland 1.60 €, EU 2.70 €, US 6.60 € for one shirt.

So, if you want one sent me an e-mail at I will confirm the total cost – shirt(s) + postage and send you the payment instructions (Paypal or direct transfer to my bank account). Please note there’s no way I can have a big stock of these available. I will have them printed as needed so the shipping may take 1 to 2 weeks if I’m out of stock on the size you want.

Please note: I am selling these as a private individual. There is no returns policy and any e-commerce regulations do not apply. I will check every shirt to the best of my ability before shipping.
If you absolutely want to see what you are buying beforehand  I will have a few made and bring them with me to Saab Festival in Trollhättan at the end of the month. Please have even sum availlable: 30 € or 260 Swedish Kronor.

NOS Classic Saab Parts for sale

Saab 96 "kylargrill", a full chrome decoration for the long-nose stroker.
Saab 96 “kylargrill”, a full chrome decoration for the long-nose stroker.

The President of the Saab Club of Finland – Juha Lehtonen – is selling some of his classic Saab parts.

There’s a lot of hard to find NOS parts available for two-stroke / 96 / 99 / 900 / 9000, and a few parts for newer Saabs also. Check the listing here:

You can contact the seller through:

vesa.pohjalainen ( at )