5-door Saab 900 Finlandia for sale

There seems to be a five door Saab 900 Finlandia for sale here: http://www.nettiauto.com/saab/900/6429464

These are extremely rare. There can’t be much more than a handful (one or two most likely) ever made. The engine has been replaced with 16 valve Turbo, and the condition is not that nice, but the price is cheap.


For sale – Saab promotional postcards and photos

I was going through a few storage boxes at home and found a bunch of Saab promo postcards and photos. If anyones interested the price is 3 € per card + postage. The cards are a little larger than the standard postcard size.

Send me an email if interested: saabisti.jarvinen@gmail.com

And some other stuff also for sale (Finnish Saab stuff):


Saab Myynti- ja huoltopisteet / kartta, muistaakseni 1975(?).  [SOLD / MYYTY]


Saab 96 L Super 1977 B – hanskalokerokirjan täydennysosa.  [SOLD / MYYTY]


96 V4 hanskalokerokansio. Hieman tarrasta jäänyt tahraa kanteen, mutta lähtenee helposti.  [SOLD / MYYTY]

Turbogeeniesite, 5 €, sis. postikulut


På Svenska! 96GL/95GL esite 1978. 15 € sis postikulut.

Yhteyksiä: saabisti.jarvinen@gmail.com

Myydään lehtiä. For Sale – magazines.

Both Finnish and international magazines and brochures offered for sale. Make me an offer!

Sekä kotimaisia, että ulkolaisia. Tarjoahan jotain!



Suomenkieliset lehdet ja esitteet / Finnish magazines and brochures:

Myydään Saab-esitteitä ja AJA-lehtiä (in Finnish only)

Myydään esitteet ja lehdet. Yhteydet: saabisti.jarvinen@gmail.com


Hinnat sisältävät kotimaan postituksen. Esitteet ovat hyväkuntosia ja siistejä – poislukien ne, joiden kohdalla on muuta ilmoitettu. Ilmoitetut koot ”noin”-kokoja, pientä vaihtelua näissä on.


Aja-lehtien kunto on normaali lukukunto tai parempi (ei repeämiä, ei sotkuja), ellei erikseen ole mainittua, että se on viallinen. Vialliseksi mainituissa mapitusreiät. Postituskulut lisätään.

Ja mainitaanpa vielä, että Bullnose Saab -paitojakin on vielä muutama varastossa hajakokoja. 30 € sis postikulut.


Bullnose SAAB Garage T-Shirts for sale


I designed and had this one made for myself, but after I posted it on Facebook half a dosen Saab-guys have already stated they want one. So I decided to offer them for sale at least for a while.

As this is Finland nothing comes cheap – the price is 25 € + postage (standard dark grey T with two color foil printing). Sizes (scandinavian) S to XXXL.
Typical postage fees: Finland 1.60 €, EU 2.70 €, US 6.60 € for one shirt.

So, if you want one sent me an e-mail at saabisti.jarvinen@gmail.com. I will confirm the total cost – shirt(s) + postage and send you the payment instructions (Paypal or direct transfer to my bank account). Please note there’s no way I can have a big stock of these available. I will have them printed as needed so the shipping may take 1 to 2 weeks if I’m out of stock on the size you want.

Please note: I am selling these as a private individual. There is no returns policy and any e-commerce regulations do not apply. I will check every shirt to the best of my ability before shipping.
If you absolutely want to see what you are buying beforehand  I will have a few made and bring them with me to Saab Festival in Trollhättan at the end of the month. Please have even sum availlable: 30 € or 260 Swedish Kronor.

NOS Classic Saab Parts for sale

Saab 96 "kylargrill", a full chrome decoration for the long-nose stroker.
Saab 96 ”kylargrill”, a full chrome decoration for the long-nose stroker.

The President of the Saab Club of Finland – Juha Lehtonen – is selling some of his classic Saab parts.

There’s a lot of hard to find NOS parts available for two-stroke / 96 / 99 / 900 / 9000, and a few parts for newer Saabs also. Check the listing here:


You can contact the seller through:

vesa.pohjalainen ( at ) pp.inet.fi