Myydään / for sale: Saab 900i 1988


(The car is spare parts condition, so this is in Finnish only)


Ajoaikaa 2/2014 loppuun. Laatikko vinkuu + mätävikaa. Kyytiin saa perimätiedon mukaan 180 000 ajetun laatikon. Mittarilukema 430 000 km. Yhdet renkaat: kesärenkaat tonnarin vanteilla, alla. Ajelee pari kesää. Voidaan myydä osinakin jos kyselijöitä löytyy. Sijainti Nokia.

Varustelistaa: Ohjaustehostin, miljonäärikaaret, ovenlasien ilmanohjaimet, takalasin ritilä, kulahtanut kromimaski. Spesiaalina bordellinpunaiset penkinpäälliset… :D

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Miljonäärikaarien hinnalla / Tarjota saa vapautuneesti.

Puh. 044 14 2552,

IntSaab2012 – back home

The International Saab Club Meeting of 2012 is over and we returned home yesterday.

The trip went very well and we had great fun at Spa. Thanks to Saab Club Belgium for organizing the meeting!

There was some ”extra programme” for us on the way back home. Simo Lampinen had arrived to the event with a rental car from Düsseldorf airport. He needed to return the car and then a lift back home to Hamburg which we of course promised to do since we were driving through there anyway. Tikkis and Salla as well as Mirkka and Tero were also going the same way so we decided to form a convoy of sorts just in case anybody got into trouble.

Good thing we did as Tero’s Saab 96 V6 blew a head gasket a few kilometers out of Spa. Tero managed to drive the 96 out of the motorway on to a service station. As it was sunday the station was closed. Tikkis found out the owners of the property lived behind the service station and went to ask if the car could stay on the yard as we arranged someone to pick it up and bring back to Finland. As it happened the couple only spoke French and Italian. None of us did. Except Simo who spoke some Italian as he had driven for Lancia and spent some time there. It took no time for Simo to explain who we were and what our problem was. The couple promised that the car could stay – no problem. Simo also called a few friends of his who happened to be on their way to Europe delivering some cars. It would be no problem to pick Tero’s 96 up on the way back home and bring it to Finland. All sorted.

The next business was to get Simo’s rental back to Düsseldorf so that’s where we headed. The car was returned and we packed everything into my 900 and Simo, Mirkka and Tero squeezed themselves on the back seat. My car doesn’t have air conditioning – thank god for the opening side rear windows at least…

On the way to Hamburg (a 500 kilometer drive) we struck a deal with Tero and Mirkka that we would use their ferry ticket from Travemünde to Helsinki. This way we would not need to drive through Sweden and they would get a part of their costs back. Tero and Mirkka would then fly back to Finland from Hamburg.

In Hamburg we stayed at the Motel Hamburg which is located near Simo’s apartment. It’s truly a car guys place since every room has a parking garage below it. A bit worn place and definitely not luxury but the price was right and it is different from most other hotels.

Simo had invited us for a visit the next day. We organized so that we had plenty of time to familiarize ourselves with Simo’s archives of his racing career. Simo has a very impressive collection of magazine articles and photos from his career that Milli (his wife) collected through Simo’s active career. Simo gave us the permission to copy anything we wanted from the archive for our own -archives. Tikkis organized the stuff for photography and I repro’d all I could and had time for. 5 hours and 1100 frames later we had the most important stuff copied. Thanks to Simo for the opportunity and to Milli for the patience and making us feel very welcome!

After the repro-project it was time to leave for Lübeck and Travemünde to catch our ferry. Tero and Mirkka departed for the Hamburg airport. Simo and Milli send us and Tikkis on our way with goodbyes. We hit a thunder-storm on our way to Lübeck where we had some dinner before boarding the ship. The sea voyage was very nice and quiet. Not a lot of people on the ship and the weather was very warm through the trip. We had full meal tickets so we ate very well and slept a lot.

From Helsinki it was a short two-hour drive to Tampere.

That’s it – very nice trip (a total of more than 2600 kilometers of driving + sea voyages), great weather and fun people to talk to. A great IntSaab-trip.

Here’s some photos:

IntSaab2012 road trip – Spa, Belgium

We have arrived in Spa, Belgium!

The drive from Odense through Germany was pretty un-eventful. The only noteworthy event was when a pigeon hit the car on the motorway, did a somersault, and continued flying on its merry way. …and we did manage to see a few Saabs also!

We did a little detour to Kiel on the way towards Hamburg. There was quite a bit of traffic near Hamburg but all in all we got through relatively well.

Driving on there was a spot of bad weather with some rain. But majority of the trip went in fine weather.

Arriving at Spa in the evening there were already some Finns in front of the hotel having some dinner. We checked in and joined them for a little chat and a late meal.

Time for bed though. Event start tomorrow!

IntSaab2012 road trip – Odense, Denmark

Here we are – in Odense, Denmark!

Yesterday we boarded Silja Europa in Turku, Finland and it arrived today 6 am at Stockholm, Sweden. We pretty much took to the roads straight away, starting the 811 kilometer drive to Odense, Denmark.

The drive went very well except for a little credit card trouble at a Swedish petrol station. Also, we managed to drive through Sweden only seeing one OG900! They are getting rarer there too. But on the positive side I saw a very nice Saab 99 in Odense and managed to even snap a (half of a) picture of it.

It was really nice to see the two great bridges connecting Sweden to Denmark and the Danish island of Zeeland to Funen and the mainland Denmark.

Our 900i has so far functioned well – no problems (knocking on wood…). Hopefully it will keep up the great work and we get to Spa in schedule. That means driving through Germany a total of 836 kilometers tomorrow.

So – hopefully we see the other Finnish teams (17 cars in total) in Spa!

Getting ready for IntSaab2012 in Spa, Belgium

We are participating in the IntSaab2012 in Spa, Belgium. Since we are driving to the event from Finland there was some basic maintenance to be done on the car. We’ll be using my daily driver – a 1988 Saab 900i Combi (8 valve). Here’s our route:

From Tampere, Finland to Spa, Belgium

The driving distance is about 1800 kilometers (about 2000 km in total including the ferry part). 200 kilometers from Tampere to Turku in Finland, then a ferry over to Stockholm, Sweden. After that there is a 1600 kilometer drive through Sweden, Denmark, Germany and finally arrival at Belgium and Spa. After the event it’s the same route back.

In addition to the basic stuff (checking the oil, changing the spark plugs) done on the 900, we needed to change the front wheel bearings on both sides as they were making some noise. The car has now been driven 418 000 kilometers and by the looks of things the bearings were original. Actually both front wheel bearings lasted about the same amount of kilometers +- a few thousand.

As my 900 is a pretty boring basic model from the eighties and has been a daily driver for all it’s life, I thought it would be nice to ”spruce it up” a bit. The car is in pretty much the condition as it was when new. The seat covers were installed when the car was new (there was a small company at Tampere that made and sold a ton of these for new Saabs back in the day). There’s also some graphics on the rear wings that have probably been there for ages.

To make the 80’s look complete I decided to install the rear window louvres I had. For some reason nobody had wanted to buy them… 😀 So, I decided to put them to good use and install them on the 900. And maybe they help to keep the car a bit cooler (no air conditioning!) on the road.

Here’s some pictures:

T8 Special For Sale (Sold!)

I have put the T8 Special for sale. I really love it, but I have too many cars and not enough time and space for all of them.

Sad to see it go, but I really want to focus on  the two stroke – V4 department. I really hope it finds a very good home 🙂

Some photos: