Saab 96 Rally 1969 For Sale

The car is no longer for sale.

I’m putting the Saab 96 Rallycar up for sale (not for sale anymore) since I have a new project coming (more on that later) and I simply do not have the room to keep them all. If you have followed the blog you pretty much know what I’m selling – check out

Here’s a link to a Finnish listing:

Lisää ilmoituksia.

And here’s some info in English:

Saab 96 V4 1969

The car has competition history from the seventies, but was later returned to civilian use. It has been restored to original competition colours.

No rust. Great car for Pro Regularity racing. Historic racing would require new rollcage, new seats, belts and safety gear.

Around 2000 km since rebuild. Very nice engine, healthy Hp. Could use a proper tune-up of the Webers and the distributor for maximum power.

1.8 Liter engine
– New+1mm OHC/Pinto pistons, Mahle
– Inspected for cracks 1.7 crankshaft
– 7.6 camshaft (Finnish specialist GT Motor)
– Lightweight valve plates, lifters, pushrods and stronger springs by ClassicSaabRacing
– Stock heads with opened up exhaust ports
– All bearings New
– Light weight flywheel
– CT cross-flow manifold, 2x Weber DCOE 40
– Electric fuel pump (Mitsubishi)
– High flow oil pump, New
– 99 radiator, electric fan

– longer 1st and 2nd (Not Special)
– opened, inspected, adjusted, works great
– freewheel disabled

Body and chassis
– strenghtening plates
– no rust / welded
– sump guard with Sport&Rally fittings
– Mexico brackets
– Saab 95 rear axle (stronger)
– Strengthened suspension parts front and rear (as per Sport&Rally)
– strengthened 2.5″ exhaust system, exits next to gear box (S&R style)
– rollcage (needs to be replaced if raced)
– sport seats (needs to be replaced if raced)
– 4 point security harness (needs to be replaced if raced)
– New brake disk, refurbished calipers, Saab 95 pistons rear, new pads and shoes
– Extra lights (quickrelease)
– main power switch
– Some signs of use (dents etc)
– oil pressure cage, oil temp cage, rev counter

Also available spare parts, negotiable:
– Some new parts, gaskets, bearings etc
– Hood
– Front fenders
– Longnose grille complete
Sport&Rally grille complete
– Block, heads, other engine parts
– 1.5 cranks
– 1.5 engine in running condition (77)
– V4 stock gearboxes
– miscellaneous stuff

Asking price 7 900 euro / offer
Phone +358 44 214 2552

Extra driving lights for the Saab 96 Rally

I bought some extra driving lights some years ago in a Saab meeting. They were basically in good condition – good reflectors, no bad rust, pretty nice chrome. So as I decided to mount them on the 96 Rally, they needed just a little fixing up.

We also made a bracket to hold the extra driving lights. It’s easily removable – just open two bolts and an electrical connection. Here’s what we did:

Saab 96 V4 Rally – Engine build moving forward

We managed to get the valve mechanisms on the Saab 96 V4 Rally done the past weekend. Also the intake manifold and throttle linkages are now done. A few photos:

Saab 96 V4 Rally – a slight delay and some protection for the carburettors

I haven’t written in a while since we hit a little speed bump with the Saab 96 V4 Rally some weeks ago.

When I started to put the heads together I found out I had received only seven heavy-duty valve springs! I contacted classicsaabracing about the problem and they promised to sent a new valve spring my way. Unfortunately it was not the correct type. I notified classicsaabracing about the problem and they promised to try to find the correct spring. But, as it turned out, the correct spring was not to be found at this time (they didn’t have any of the type I had), and the decided to send me a complete new batch of springs.

So, at the moment I’m waiting for the postal services to do their job. There’s not a whole lot I can do before I can put the heads in.

We did mock-up the engine though to build a little rollcage to protect the carburetors. A few pictures of it below.