Rally Of The 1000 Lakes – Jyväskylän Suurajot 1962

Here is the second part of the Sakari Parikka 8mm film archive to be published. This film is of the 1962 Jyväskylän Suurajot – Rally Of The Thousand Lakes (17-19.8.1962).

Events on the film:
– Preparing for the rally / last minute checks
01:25 – Some special stage footage – unfortunately the film is not in focus for the first part (I cut away some totally blurry shots).
02:38 – More special stage footage (in focus), including a Morris Cooper going off the road (02:43).
05:07 – Sakari and his Saab 93B on the road
05:34 – Break or end of rally, all the cars together
06:58 – Back in Kotka, Sakari waving goodbye

Some of the cars seen on the film:

01:35 – 32. Carl-Magnus Skogh (S), Fergus Sager, Saab 96, (Did not finish)
01:41 – 33. Olle Bromark (S), Kjell Lyxell, Saab 96, (Did not finish)
01:51 – 35. Rauno Aaltonen (Fi), Väinö Nurmimaa, Morris Cooper, (Did not finish)
03:00 – 37. Pauli Toivonen (Fi), Jaakko Kallio, Citroen DS 19, (1st)
03:10 – 46. Onni Vilkas (Fi), Jorma Pulkkinen, Mercedes, (?)
03:21 – 41. Erik Carlsson (S), Gunnar Häggblom, Saab 96 (3rd)
04:59 – 100. Sakari Parikka (Fi), Heikki Kontula, Saab 93B (64th)

So there we go – enjoy the film!

Or access directly on Youtube: Rally Of The 1000 Lakes – Jyväskylän Suurajot 1962

Ice Racing in Finland, 1960ies

I have received some pretty cool ”home videos” from Mikko Parikka (check the earlier post).

As I told before his father Sakari Parikka was a rally driver and mechanic. But he was also interested in filming home movies. As it happens – Sakari filmed a bunch of 8 mm films in 1960ies. And in color! No sound though, as it came later when Super8 film cameras came out.

But, there’s some pretty cool stuff here. I’m going to publish a bunch of films I have scanned and cut together. This is the first film – a collection of ice racing footage from the 1960ies. Sakari had a cream-colored Saab 93 which can be seen on the film, but there’s also footage of other cars, such as the Mercedes of Onni Vilkas.

I have scanned some footage of the Rally Of The Thousand Lakes 1962. I will edit and publish it next. (Hopefully in a few days or a weeks time).

But the real treat is four long reels of amateur film footage of the 1961 to 1963 Monte Carlo Rallies! Yes – Sakari had his camera with him on all those tours, and he used it. There’s some pretty rare footage on those reels and I’m thinking of editing them into a more cohesive story, with some background info included. So – publishing those will take a longer time, but I want to do justice to this material.

Here’s first of the films – Ice Racing in Finland in the 1960ies

Rally Of The 1000 Lakes 1976 – Video

I came upon this really cool rally video of the Rally Of The 1000 Lakes 1976. Very nice footage. A lot about Saabs in there. Unfortunately it’s all in Finnish. So I wrote down short descriptions of key moments below.

The video is basically an advertising piece for the Saab Finland dealership Scan-Auto. (It is worth noting, that those days almost all Saabs sold in Finland were also manufactured in Finland, at the Uusikaupunki factory).

Part 1:

 Jyväskylän Suurajot /Rally Of The 1000 Lakes, 27-29.8.1976

2. Stig Blomqvist,Hans Sylvan, Saab 99 EMS JNF756, Did not finish
5. Simo Lampinen, Juhani Markkanen, Saab 96 V4 AEU-502, 5th
6. Per Eklund, Björn Cederberg, Saab 99 EMS JGH300, Did not finish
10. Tapio Rainio, Erkki Nyman, Saab 96 V4 AEC-501, 7th
18. Jari Vilkas, Juhani Soini, Saab 96 V4 AEU-503, 8th

The 96 was starting to be at the end of it’s career in rallying – so no win, but pretty good positions for the old warhorse still!

3:46 Stig Blomqvist and Per Eklund walking back from the stage as both Saab Works Sweden entered 99s broke down.
5:00 Saab Works Finland – maintenance on the road.
8:45 Some Saab history

Part 2:

The history piece continues with Erik Carlsson in Monte-Carlo rally. Lots of nice photos in this section!

1:10 Eric Carlsson: ”When we started racing in the beginning of the 1950s’ we had front wheel drive, big wheels, and the car was unbelieveably strong. We didn’t need a lot of maintenance. That’s why we won.
2:28 Comments by Stig Blomqvist in Swedish, basically saying, that Saab is still a winning car.
2:50 Comments by Simo Lampinen in Finnish: ”All you need to do is to keep the front wheels in the grooves. It doesn’t matter where the rear end goes, it can move around a lot. You just control the car with left foot braking.
On a rear wheel drive car you need to keep it in controlled slide in corners. The front wheels you keep in the groove – same as in a front wheel drive. But as the rear wheels slide off the groove you loose momentum as the tires hit the loose gravel outside the grooves.
On good roads rear wheel drive is fine. In difficult conditions front wheel drive is much better.

5:20 Some in car footage from practice stage.
6:15 Saab 96 two stroke roll demonstration and some of Saab safety features.
6:55 Simo: ”Already in 1969 in Safari rally we had the driving light washers. A few years later they became standard on all Saabs.
7:25 Some more incar footage.
7:57 Really nice footage of Saab 99.

Saab Festival, Trollhättan, Sweden – the video

I returned yesterday from the Saab Festival in Trollhättan. Simply an amazing event – so many beautifully restored / orginal / rare / new / custom Saabs to see!

The drive from Stockholm went fine and we visited some Swedish enthusiasts on the way to Trollhättan. The event lasted three days and the weather was just perfect. I shot a ton of photos and also spent all my budget on the museum parts sale and the flea market. But more on that and other stuff later. It will take a while to sort the photos and other materials I have.

Here’s a video compilation of clips I shot on the trip. No special order and I didn’t even try to capture everything possible – there was just too much to cover it all. More later.

The winter is here…

I have finally realised a dream of mine… Until now I have rented a small garage space for my Saabs. It had no heating which pretty much meant that all projects were on hold during the winter (for about 4 to 5 months a year!).

This fall I decided to fix that issue once and for all – and bought myself a new garage space. Not huge but it will house my cars and leave room for working on them also. And it’s warm!

Today we moved in some stuff from the old garage. And even though the weather was not the nicest I decided to drive the ’64 stroker over also. The winter tyres I had for the stroker are way old (20 years) Nokias with studs –  but they did the job. But I really need to get some rally studs and take the car on an ice track some day. It’s just such a hoot to drive on ice and snow. The stroker is so much more balanced on snow than a V4. Very easy to drive in a controlled slide 😀

Too bad there was no room on the hall yard to throw it around properly (and safely). And the tyres were way too slippery to get the speed up so unfortunately the video is not very exciting… I promise to make a better one if and when I get some rally studs. Although – my bank account is pretty much drained right now – buying garage space is not cheap!

A short clip and some photos: