Saab 96 Sport 1964

I was offered a 1964 Saab Sport. The car was said to be in poor condition but being a Sport I jumped at the opportunity to get one.

The car has had a single owner from 1975. He started to restore the car in the 80’s, painting it black and trying to source some new parts. Unfortunately the car was parked next to a house in the winter time and a big lump of snow fell on it from the roof. The snow caved in the top, damaged the hood and doors, and broke the windscreen. The restoration was put on hold and the car was left in storage.

30 years in storage has not done any favors for the body but the car is a genuine 1964 Sport and very complete. The interior is a mix of blue and red pieces but all the pieces are there except for the passenger head rest. Sport steering wheel that needs restoration and a wood shifter knob. The engine was off the car and was missing only the generator-waterpump combo (fortunately I have those). The dash is complete with all the knobs and gauges that look to be in pretty good condition.

Rallying history

The car has documented rallying history from the 1960’s. The most notable event it was run in being the 1966 Rally Of The 1000 Lakes. The car was also used for ice racing and dirt track racing. There are several clues around the car from those days, including some of the support irons for a sump guard as well as some extra strengthening that has been done to the body.

The original colour of the car is Midnight Blue with blue interior.

Probably needless to say I will be restoring this car at some point. The first order of business is going to be documenting it thoroughly and mapping out the parts needs.

Some photos: