Saab 96 Sedan 1964 – two-stroke

Saab 96 Sedan 1964 - before restoration
Saab 96 Sedan 1964 – before restoration

I have had this two-stroke 1964 Saab 96 Sedan for several years and been restoring it on and off.

It is not made to original specs and has several modifications:

  • 850 cc 3-cylinder engine with triple carburetors from a 1966 “longnose” Saab 96.
  • Electric fan and fuel pump. Alternator instead of the original generator.
  • 4-speed gear box.
  • Clutch housing and driveshafts are of the later “hand grenade / potato masher” type, which makes it possible to install front disc brakes. At the moment the car has 1966 type drum brakes.
  • A significant amount of corrosion repairs has been done also.
  • Original colour was “Midnight Blue” but has been changed to “Polar White” from the Saab 9-5 color book.

Here are all the project posts on the two-stroke:

After restoration.
After restoration.

6 thoughts on “Saab 96 Sedan 1964 – two-stroke”

  1. Hi Tommy!
    I am considering to “overfill” the gearbox on my two stroke 96 MY 1965 (4 speed) with Castrol EP90. This means 2 liters of oil as recommended by Niklas in his XP Manual.
    I wondered if you have tried to do so, and what experiences you have made?
    Best 2stroke greetings from Denmark,

    1. Hi George!

      I have not tried to overfill the gearbox. I always use the recommended amount. So unfortunately I can’t really say anything about it…

      But if you try it let me know if there’s any difference.

      Best regards,


  2. i am in process of restoring a Saab 850 Gt. I removed the Bendix electric fuel pump and replaced it with one that appears to be working. The filter is clean and the it pulsates. I have it placed so that the filter is on the up side. Is that correct. That is the top with the nut that opens t he top is on top. Thanks for any; help you can give me. Eddie Adelstein

  3. My mother is trying to sell my grandmothers 64 Saab needs restored and I don’t know how much it’s worth or where to start looking. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      the price depends a lot on condition. Could you send me a couple of photos to take a look at? Also the location matters, as the cars are rarer in some countries than others.

      Best regards,

      Tommi /

  4. I am having difficulty in finding a gas tank for a 1962 bull nose saab. I have found two tanks, but they are damaged. Are there any universal tanks that can be use.

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